Saturday, February 27, 2010

A blog to organize my thoughts, and declutter my brain!!!

There are so many elements to me: that I decided to organize them here in this little blog.  I havent' decided how private I need to be, although the little things that make my daily life so interesting to me, may to the average reader seem very mundane.  It's a good thing I'm not looking to make this into a living or anything.

The basic inspiration to this little bloglet, is the fact that this year, (last month) I turned 30 years old!  When I was a child in the 80's there was a television show called "Thirty Something"  I remember my parents completely loving it for they were after all in their thirties.  They seemed SO old, and the actors in the show seemed even older.  As a child I decided that I would rather die young than ever be the big 3.0. In hindsight however, I also recall thinking that the age I truly wanted to be was 16.  I could then wear makeup, date, and drive a car.  When I turned 16 however, I realized that those three things really weren't all that special due to the fact that there wasn't exactly a line out the door of men wanting to date me.  Still, now that I am in fact 30, you couldn't pay me to go back to 16.  So, I'm stuck at this age.  I've passed through 3 whole decades, birthed 3 children, been married twice, (divorced once) and now live in Idaho Falls, Idaho with my husband, 4 children, 2 pets, and a wonderful lady whom we care for in our home.  I have two extra step children who join us regularly, so we pretty much have a zoo.  And do I like Zoos?  Why YES I do!  See why I could use some organization?  Here we go!!!!

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